Cold-Weather Ready?

Get ready for season's freezings with DIY care for homes, autos and you. It's not too late to stay safe and warm!

Faucet Fortification & Pipe Preparation

Burst pipes are so much harder to repair after the fact - it's a lot of time and a lot of money. You may have a broken pipe if your water doesn't run when the faucet's on, if you hear dripping, or if you see a leak. If you suspect a pipe's burst, immediately turn off the water at the main shut-off valve and call a plumber. 

Faucet CoverProtect Outdoor Faucets First

  • Before a freeze, the No. 1 thing to remember is to install outdoor faucet covers.

Insulate Water Pipes

  • Pipes in unheated areas like attics, garages and crawl spaces are at the greatest risk of rupture. These fast fixes can save your bacon. 
  • On very cold nights, open cabinets under sinks so warm air can circulate, and leave water dripping at the sink, farthest from the water main. Your cats will thank you.

Seal Air Leaks

  • Small drafts where ductwork, wires or vents enter your home are enough to freeze pipes. 
  • Expanding Foam: We love cans of spray foam. It can't be beat for odd-shaped spaces, big gaps and hard-to-reach places.
  • Thermal Tape: Around dryer vents and pipes, try foam-backed pipe wrap tape.

Know Where It Is

  • Locate water, electrical and gas main shut-off valves today, and know how to turn them off (righty tighty/lefty loosey). 
  • Keep essential tools, gloves and a flashlight at each shut-off location. 


Portable Heaters - Electric

  • When the power's on, our selection of portable heaters can't be beat for dependable warmth.
  • For energy efficiency and comfort, consider an infrared heater. These warm rooms with heated wavelengths (not metal coils). Keep all heaters three feet from anything. 
  • Cold weather increases the risk of house fires. Ensure you're following safety guidelines on all heating devices. 

Generators, Batteries & Fuel

Imagine being at home, reading a book in snuggly warmth while the power's out - sound nice? Make it a reality and stay merry and bright, whatever the weather.

Portable Generators

  • When it comes to supplemental power, the more watts the merrier. We stock Honda generators in several sizes at our North Chatham Village, Cary Parkway, Kildaire Farms and Wake Forest locations. Call or visit us today for availabity and other questions.