Heating, Cooling & Ventilation

When it comes to heating and cooling, comfort is the name of the game. At Town & Country Hardware, we understand that almost everyone has a different idea of what comfortable means. That’s why we’ve gathered together some of the best personal heating and cooling options on the market. Town & Country carries a wide array of heaters and fans from trusted brands like Heat Controller® and Lasko®. Love using that fireplace or stove? Keep them in peak condition with new fittings, chimney caps, dampers and stove polish. And don’t forget safety - using a chimney brush can help prevent chimney fires and lengthen the life of your chimney or stove pipe. Of course, keeping the air moving is the key to any home heating and cooling system. At Town & Country, we’ve got a great selection of ventilators, ducting, filtration boxes and 3M/Filtrete® filters.