You take your grilling very seriously. You’ve done your research, chosen the perfect unit and now you want to get grilling. But wait a second, you can’t start grilling until you’ve gone through the hours of assembly required to get your grill together. Putting a grill together right can be a painstaking and monotonous task.

So why not let our experts do it for free?

That’s right, Town & Country offers free assembly on every grill we have in stock. So don’t bust your knuckles when you could be basting your brisket.



Your local Town & Country is here to help. If you’ve purchased an item, and it’s a little on the large side, why not take advantage of our local delivery service?

For just a small fee, Town & Country will deliver your item directly to your home. To see if you are within our easy delivery area, just contact your local Town & Country store. Let us do the heavy lifting.