Refund Policy

“No-Hassle” Refund & Exchange Policy
Your Receipt Guarantees It!

All of us at Town & Country Hardware appreciate your business. Our goal is to make your shopping experience pleasant, complete and informative. Our Team Members are trained to make sure all of your questions are answered and that you are offered all the products needed to complete your home improvement projects. 

When you have an item to return or exchange simply bring in your original receipt, along with the item. 

If you have questions about our policy, please talk to a Customer Service Team Member, or ask for a Store Manager.

Refund & Exchange Guidelines

  • An original receipt with a valid transaction number and barcode is required for all refunds and exchanges of products purchased at any Town & Country Hardware location.
  • Refunds and exchanges will be tracked against the original purchase information.
  • Custom-made items and special orders may not be eligible for a refund.
  • Some products require special handling if defective, and are not eligible for an over-the-counter refund or exchange.
  • Town & Country Hardware is not responsible for any labor reimbursement for the application or installation of a defective product; however, the product may still be eligible for a refund or exchange.
  • We reserve the right to limit or refuse any returns or exchanges.

Refunds or Exchanges with an Original Receipt

  • We will refund cash for cash purchases.
  • We will refund cash or credit your debit card for debit card purchases.
  • We will return your check to you, for a check purchase made on the same day. If the refund is requested after the day of original sale, we will refund cash for a check purchase after a 14- working day waiting period, and only if there are no outstanding checks with us.
  • We will refund credit card purchases back onto the original credit card (card must be presented at time of refund request).
  • We will refund a gift card for gift card purchases.
  • We will refund charge accounts back to the same charge account used for the purchase.
  • Large purchase amounts (greater than $500.00) may need to be refunded by our accounting team, by mail.

Revised May 28, 2015 
This Policy is subject to revision and changes